when i was kid, i just assumed all 80's action shows were in the same reality. they were all kinda filmed in hollywood backlots and they all had the same look. So A-Team, air wolf, CHips, Knight Rider - all existing in LA and maybe we just never saw the interaction on screen. And somewhere across the ocean doing his own thing....Magnum PI


Ironically, Transformers and GI-Joe of all things share a universe in a few canons (both owned by Hasboro). I think there were even plans to link the Michael Bay and live action GI-Joe at one point.


G.I. Joe, Transformers, Inhumanoids and Jem & the Holograms all featured a TV reporter named Hector Ramirez.


Hector has seen some shit.


The artist boss logic has a Hector-verse parody on his Instagram.


Makes more sense than the basic soldiers they had in Bayformers.


I was watching a short video on youtube and I found out that the guy that created the show also created The Greatest American Hero. Man that would have been an amazing cross over! Ralph needs to find the A-Team because they have an old war buddy of theirs, Thomas Magnum, that's in serious danger. Meanwhile Thomas Magnum has been investigating an organization called Knight Industries. An old project of their is named Goliath this one responsible for a string of bank robberies. Little does he know that the evil Michael Knight has been using alien technology to soup up the Goliath truck. Edit: I found the video on YouTube not an ATM!


"Garth Knight." I think Goliath turned out to be what Garth made when he stole the chemical process which treats the bodies of the Knight Industries secret robots. "Michael Knight" was an alias created by ~~Wilfred~~ Wilton Knight and Devon Miles. I can see Magnum easily pulling apart Michael's ID, while trying to locate an associate, Michael Long. I think Michael Long was a Marine in SE Asia. His tour ended when he sustained an injury requiring a cranial plate (part of Michael Knight's origin story.) Thomas Magnum was a navy officer. His ground work seemed to have something to do with evacuations/extractions and part of his origin is his having rescued a person identified as "Robin Masters," who was thankful enough to let Magnum crash at his Hawaiian estate, while Magnum didn't remember ever having met Masters. So, while Magnum is working a case on the mainland, he has to track down Michael Long, who recently contacted his parents by phone. Michael Long's facial reconstruction made him look like the convicted criminal, Garth Knight... EDIT: Just remembered: Magnum's primary assignment was intelligence, in SE Asia.


I would actually really like a modern Universal Monster Cinematic Universe in the right hands. Not the DaRK uNiVErsE but something fun and cool.


I liked someone's thought of having (assuming they had been smart back then) was to have Brendan Frasier's Mummy series to have been the start of it and just keep him as the adventurer for each movie thereafter. That would have been fun.


With Guillermo Del Toro being the creative force behind it all, like it was originally planned with the Dark Universe but it unfortunately never came into fruition.


That was supposed to happen actually. Shame it didn't catch on.


Realize that if they wanted too, they could try and continue it but actually make it good. But they won’t cause…money


I liked The Invisible Man, don't know whether that be part of the universal monster category, but a retelling of these universal monsters with a modern twist be something I would watch




https://variety.com/2021/film/news/netflix-redwall-movie-tv-show-brian-jacques-1234904865/ (Also - the old series is free on tubitv: https://tubitv.com/series/2361/redwall?start=true&utm_source=google-feed&tracking=google-feed)


🤞dont screw it up, dont screw it up, dont screw it up🤞


Shoot yeah, just gotta go find Rakkety Tam.


I’m salivating just thinking about how Brian Jacques describes food


The Discworld series by Terry Pratchett Recurring characters, interesting locations, biting social criticism buried under fantastic plotlines and creatures.


In a way I think it would actually be ruined. Some stuff is so clearly described (the camera in color of magic) and then theres stuff that is so intentionally abstract it would hurt for it to be shown. Even Pratchett's aversion to making maps.


But a FAITHFUL adaption, not that crap Watch show


I live in hope, Rhianna Pratchett is currently working towards faithfull adaptations and I really hope Mort is one of them!


She and Rob Wilkins (Terry's assistant) are [doing exactly that](https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/apr/28/terry-pratchett-novels-faithful-tv-adaptation-discworld).


It can be done, look at good omens.


But they had to fight hard for that, the studio execs wanted to rewrite a lot of it.


Red Dwarf


Kicked off with an Ace Rimmer solo movie.


What a guy.


Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast


Stoke me a clipper, I'll be back for Christmas!


Isn't it already its own universe?


Just ahead of it’s time


Just going to get it out of the way: The Cosmere from Brandon Sanderson.


Oh no. I just started The Way of Kings. I didn't realise there were half a dozen books before it in the same universe. Should I read them first?


You can finish the way of kings, even the whole series, without reading any of the rest of the cosmere, and you won’t miss too much. I only read the first mistborn trilogy before, and I really enjoyed the stormlight books.


You will get 1% more out way of kings by reading the others first.


So the good thing about Stormlight Archives is that you don't HAVE TO read all the other Cosmere books, but you're going to be completely in the dark about who certain characters are, how certain things work, and why some concepts play out the way they do. I would definitely recommend starting chronologically by release date.


>completely in the dark about who certain characters are, how certain things work, and why some concepts play out the way they do. I'm so near to the beginning every other word is jibberish to me. Darkeyes? Thankfully, it isn't super confusing as with other fantasy series.


It has to be something diverse in it's styles but consistent enough to feel like not just a spin off. Comic books are perfect because you got some many types of characters and worlds. But Something like Hobbs and Shaw just felt like more Fast and Furious with less characters. My pick, is Universal should have actually stuck with the dark universe idea. I could have hit that sweet spot of diverse ideas that also make sense to cross over with each other. Sure The New Mummy sucked but I'm if they stuck with it a refined it could have been a good series.


Yeah Dark Universe sounds interesting to me. It is a cross-sectiob of magic and sci-fi that has room for complex characters. The issue is they dont want to write monster movies, they wanted an action movie with a monster. Focuses too much on the soldier.


An action movie wouldn't be bad. Like a Indiana Jones inspired Dracula movie would be freaking amazing. Like this early 90s vampire hunter going through a adventure, sign me up.


But then that is an Indiana Jones movie featuring a vampire, it isn't a Dracula movie. And the draw is these famous monsters. So they need to be characters in their own rights. I think it walks a fine line because the obvious line is outcasts becoming a family, which I think is just dull. I think it would work best as several being morally ambiguous with common enemies at times. But then you need motives that are sympathetic that don't ruin the characters by making them too soft.


Well it could be a Van Helsing movie and he is very important to the lore and usually has more screen time anyway


Brendan Fraser should have been the main character and give it the same tone as the MCU


They could've just grafted the other monsters onto the Mummy series.


Even though one of my biggest criticisms of the MCU is how they've managed to make a lot of people believe the *only* way an interconnected media universe can work is through individual solo movies building up to a big event over the course of 5-6 years, a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series in the MCU-style would rock. Apologies to Alan Moore for bringing this idea up


TBF, DC sort of tried this. Their first strategy was to do a 5 part Man of Steel series (sort of like a Nolan trilogy, but with more movies) because they believed the Avengers (2012) was probably a one-off. When they saw Marvel was making bank with crossover stuff, DC thought 'we'll just try team-up movies with occasional solo films' (like Suicide Squad, Justice League, Justice League Dark, etc and only rarely doing an Aquaman or Batman film). Then Suicide Squad did well commercially and no one liked it so DC thought 'okay, let's literally just do whatever solo movies we think will work'. So, not just MCU's fault, DCEU did some damage there too.


Problem is film studios still think audiences are silly enough to only want origin tales. Like we all know Batmans fucking parents died! And who tf Clark Kent is!! Wish they’d do more stories, esp like the animated dceu where they are one offs or adaptations instead of trying to build a house from the ground up. There’s nothing wrong with buying an old house and coating it in new paint and building addons!


> Problem is film studios still think audiences are silly enough to only want origin tales. I don't think that's necessarily a problem for cinematic universes in general (because Marvel proved you can start with just origin films and still make money), but I agree that DC Films have exhausted the origin stories of Batman and Superman too much. I do think Miles Morales as the main Spider-Man in Spider-Verse has a chance of teaching people that we're savvy enough to follow a different mantle of a popular character, but if WB executives know one thing, it's that 'EVERYTHING IS FINE' is written in blood in the WB lobby and they mustn't step a toe out of line.


I think someone at WB (as opposed to DC) had all the right information at their finger tips, they just put it together in the wrong order for their movie universe. A good solid Superman movie to start it off is a good idea. It's been a long time since anyone cared about a Supes movie, so let him shine. They then thought, 'Batman doesn't need another origin, just introduce him in Supes second movie', which is probably a good idea...... unless you have both poorly set up Superman (making him a raging collateral damage uncaring machine with cheesy Jesus parallels that don't make sense and no motivation to help people), and decided your Batman is going to have an extensive dark and tortured backstory to justify them having a fight in their first meeting. Batman fighting Superman should be impactful because we already care about both characters and their dynamic. We know what makes this version of Batman tick, same for Supes, we like them both and we want them to work it out but instead their different perspectives drive them to fight for logical reasons (similar to Captain America Civil War) Instead we got convoluted schemes and coincidences and contrivances to make them fight and didn't give a damn when Superman died... IN HIS SECOND MOVIE. Some people said DC rushed to Justice League and should have done solo movies, but I think BvS is the real culprit. It tore down a house that didn't exist yet so people couldn't connect with the characters for Justice League...... I could ramble on the subject for days, frankly.


I think Miles Morales is a bit of an outlier because it specifically deals with multiverses. It includes a Peter Parker, and explains in-universe why this 'new' character is also spiderman. I don't think it would necessarily fit thematically to reboot recognised franchises with alternate main characters unless you explain why. Like, if they just made a Calvin Ellis superman movie without tying it back in to the recognised Superman/DC mythos I don't know that it would be accepted as a true superman movie by fans.


Stephen King's multiverse. Most of his books and stories are interconnected in some way.


Give us a proper Dark Tower series and there you go since it's supposed to be the hub of his multiverse.


They made a tv show that was supposed to be the the Stephen King universe and they completely screwed it up. I was so excited for it and it wasn't his stories, just a few things borrowed from a couple of his stories. And not much really happened. It was all atmosphere and no action.


Are you talking about Castle Rock?


Castle Rock is actually kind of an awesome tv show especially with how bad a lot of King stuff translates to tv


I mean, there’s castle rock but I don’t know if that counts.


DC...owh wait


Warcraft. The numerous amount of stories, the Great Wars, the Sundering, even the Lich King all make for great stories that all intertwine with relative ease and necessity.


Was so bummed that the first movie didn’t do well. I actually quite enjoyed it, I just wish they were planning on more.


It was really popular in China at least which may be enough of an incentive to make more even without as much success in the west.


Oh good! Someone else who liked the Warcraft movie! I really enjoyed it, and the soundtrack was kickin'!


I was hoping that they would at least make it as far as telling Arthas' story on the big screen. But there's a lot of story between where they started and Arthas. Can just keep hoping I guess *Glad you could bake it, Uther*


https://www.somagnews.com/world-of-warcraft-2-movie-is-finally-here-or-not/ I’m unsure of how legitimate this source is, but supposedly there may be a Warcraft 2 for us yet! I have been following this since Warcraft came out because I loved it so much! I know that the director of the first one isn’t interested in pursuing it. Something about a leak of information regarding the second one I think? Maybe someone else will take up the mantle! I think a Warcraft movie directed by Peter Jackson might be pretty sweet.


I really liked the first movie. But I guess that's only because I am familiar with the warcraft universe.


The fallout series would be epic, providing the lore was kept intact... looking at you Todd.


The way Bethesda has handled the Fallout canon is fascinating, though. They're trying to create their own continuity on the east coast while still creating ties to the original. Also love how Fallout Tactics is considered "semi-canon".


> Also love how Fallout Tactics is considered "semi-canon". So is 76 All they had to do is not fuck with BoS and introduce a faction that does the same but has a different name


> All they had to do is not fuck with BoS and introduce a faction that does the same but has a different name Thank you! Someone finally said it. Bethesda is like some dumbass action movie director when it comes to how they handled Fallout and (especially) The Brotherhood of Steel. "Hey, these dudes have kick-ass looking power armor, laser guns and cool VTOL airplanes. Let's make them the good guys". *"Uh, they're xenophobic racist technophiles who only care about preserving technology so they can use it to destroy anyone who gets in the way of them gathering technology. They're pretty much the bad guys".* "Fuck it! POWER ARMOR DUDES"!


I mean, they pivoted back towards the original presentation of the BoS in FO4. For all the other bad things about FO4's writing, that's one bit they got right- the BoS were back to being nazi dickheads


Amazon is doing one


It had better open with Ron Perlman saying "War... war never changes"


It just works.


"Democracy is non-negotiable"


Pokemon, but with actually decent movies.


suction cup man


The recently canceled DuckTales reboot set the groundwork for a potentially awesome "Disney Afternooniverse." Such a fun show that was canceled way too soon. Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop, Rescue Rangers, Tail Spin, all had the groundwork laid for potential spin offs in the same world.


Insurance Commercial Cinematic Universe. Think of the possibilities!


Flo and the Insurance Protectors of the Multiverse


Erin Esurance and Flo went to college together and were in the same sorority, the General also exists in this timeline. As does the Gecko.


I’d love to see a cinematic universe that contained Lovecraft, Sherlock Holmes, Bioshock, the Watchmen, Hellraiser and the Sandman. With all the parts played by Nicolas Cage.




Halo, Warcraft and the Elder Scrolls can all be made into KILLER series. its just that if they fail to live up to the hype it's going to be a disaster for whoever decided to adapt it.


Pirates of the Caribbean. I want to learn more about this crazy world, weird magics, and the other pirate lords And john wick, I'd love to see much more how the high end assassin/criminal underworld works


I feel like Atomic Blonde and Nobody were both set in the John Wick Cinematic Universe.


Shadowrun There’s been so many books and games, it’s one of the few major IP’s that hasn’t been ruined by movies. The trouble is though, that so many things have ripped off and borrowed from Shadowrun over the years, it would look like a big collage of everything that it influenced.




That's my choice as well. You start off with four movies: *Mort*, *Wyrd Sisters*, *Guards! Guards!* and *Moving Pictures*. If all goes well, you now have three main series running parallel (Death/Susan, the witches, and the Watch) plus an extra spot for standalone stories. If all *doesn't* go well, at least you've done enough worldbuilding to continue one or two of those main series by themselves.




What is “scp”? I know I can just google it, but I’d prefer to have redditors explain it to me.


A website/wiki that makes it feel like you had access to the entire top-secret database of a secret organization like the Men In Black *(but for all supernatural phenomenon, not just aliens)* For new readers, I recommend going through the [top-rated entries](http://www.scpwiki.com/top-rated-pages)


All the unexplained creepypasta/urban legend stories held in a facility designed to Secure Contain and Protect the world. Weird stuff like cement statues that move incredibly fast and snap necks if no one is watching them. Telephones hooked up to nothing but still ring and when answered appear to be wrong number calls from 1950s Russia.


Sounds like the game “Control”


Control was most definitely inspired by SCP, you cannot convince me otherwise.


One of the creators of Control has said that he took inspiration from SCPs, and even wrote one of them himself.


A massive collaborative project containing science-fictional written works describing the behaviors and containment procedures for “anomalies”, which vary greatly in nature, from typical creepypasta monsters a la slenderman, to “cognitohazards” which can inflict harm on people simply by knowing about them/perceiving them, to [an infinitely sprawling inescapable IKEA](http://www.scpwiki.com/scp-3008). The flexibility in what an SCP can be has led to some incredibly creative and cool ideas, and while most SCPs are generally independent and can be read and enjoyed without needing a ton of backstory, there’s just enough of an overarching background and connections between events and anomalies that you can get _really_ hooked into the “lore” of the world if that’s the kind of thing that you can get drawn in by. I’ve heard it described as “humanity’s most impressive collaborative work of fictional literature since the Bible”.


This one. Warehouse 13 was a fan-fuckin'-tastic show. I would love to see more like it. Also "The Lost Room" very similar concepts. Shows could have run 100 seasons and I'd still be watching.


Plus, Eureka was in that universe as well.


The Dredian Files


I scrolled all the way down here to find you and you spell it wrong.


I assume you're referring to The Dresden Files? In that case 100% Yes!




Avatar: The Last Airbender Hopefully soon.


Well nickelodeon announced an avatar studios so hopefully it becomes ATLA universe


Plot Twist: They bring back M.Night Shamalamadingdong to produce an 8-season CW show. Exclusive rights, of course.


8 seasons of Katara deciding If she wants to date Aang or Suko


I propose the Lovecraft Cinematic Universe.


The problem with that is that cosmic horror is so hard to get right in the screen


I love the concept of cosmic horror. Fear of the unfathomable. But the problem comes with describing it. Makes it nearly impossible to translate to film. "Dude. What I saw was so scary. Like I can't describe it. Just so gosh dang spooky. Like tentacles maybe. But dude, I can't even tell you. If I could, you'd go crazy. So I can't. So trust me. Really spooky." - HP Lovecraft, essentially.


Strongly agree. As much as I would love for there to be a cinematic universe in which the lore and stories of Lovecraft unfold, it's quite difficult to truly capture (let alone envision) the complex horrors associated with cosmic horror ... although I feel like John Carpenter's The Thing did a pretty good job at portraying *some* aspects of Lovecraftian horror.


Color out of space is an incredibly odd movie, but it's exactly what you're looking for I think!


How has no one put Warhammer or 40k or other easily searchable terms here yet?


Dungeons and Dragons


Dragon Lance


There was a Dragon Lance movie. So so terrible. But yea, I would love a proper big budget trilogy or something.


There was a D&D movie, too. It was objectively terrible, but we got to see Jeremy Irons test the limit Of what he could get away with while hamming up his lines.


2 D&D movies, if I recall correctly.


Came here for this. I've said for years if I ever have a billion dollars I'm throwing every penny at a chronicles trilogy of movies done the right way!!


Dark Sun


Well, they're making Foundation, so I guess you have your Asimoverse there (the Robot Novels are in the same universe). We could do with more sci-fi classic "verses". A lot of Alan Dean Foster's Commonwealth (that gets you Prism, Icerigger, Flinx and a bunch of others). Or Peter F. Hamilton's Commonwealth-Void-Dreams series would be good. Pearce Brown's Red Rising series or like I call it Mythological Pantheon Game of Thrones In Space. Iain M Banks's Culture series - some of the psychopath ship Minds would make great cameos for some big names.


How about the known-space universe by Larry Niven, there are already a bunch of interconnected stories: belters, ring world, pak etc...


You'd need to find a proper "Speaker to TV Executives " to make sure it stayed on point.


Mass Effect - An epic sci fi universe with so many huge events and characters to explore


It's set up perfectly for a cinematic universe. The gaps between the games would be perfect to branch out into the individual characters before they all join up again Avengers style. The Archangel movie would be excellent! Shepard's origin story would be a great movie too.


The lore is all there. Now put some epic stories in it!


This is tough- where do we have 4-5 individual characters that could each support a solo movie with limited crossover- and then have the group pulled together every 3 or 5 years? DC apparently can’t make a movie to save its life. Star Wars bungled the torch pass just so badly it’ll probably be 10 years before we see them attempt it again.


Star Wars is weird though, it weirdly seems better suited to TV shows for some reason.


Not so much that it's inherently suited to TV as Dave Filoni understands the universe and characters better than JJ Abrams did.


JJ Abrahms' problem is that he creates mysteries with no solution, and writes himself into corners trying to think up the answers after the fact. Even if he doesn't reveal the answer, he should still know it ahead of time. He's done this time and again (looking at you, Lost)


>JJ Abrahms' problem is that he creates mysteries with no solution, and writes himself into corners trying to think up the answers after the fact This isn't a problem in a alternate universe where he can stop making Lost when he loses interest (I seem to recall he wanted to stop but because it was still popular the network insisted it continue). It is a problem where is is given the reins of a franchise built on careful management of lore and continuity.


when they started the star wars sequels they didn't even have a plan. they started with the force awakens, then just let a different director and writer make up the whole second movie, then the director from the first came back for the third to try and finish the story the way he wanted to in the first place while having to clean up the previous director's stories and plot points. it was embarrassing to have a mess like that come from a studio as big as disney


I think DC movies are improving. I enjoyed Birds of Prey and Joker


Eragon. Poor movie was pathetic. The book series has such deep and interesting lore and magic, so I'd love to see a full reboot of the whole series.


BioShock universe. Possibly a TV series about the downfall of rapture before Jack showed up from the plane crash.


if i remember rightly, the director of the first 3 pirates of the caribbean movies originally was working on a Bioshock movie, but apparently it never got past pre-production, because when he was hoping to rely on ALOT of practical effects instead of CGI after getting a glimpse of the games, but they quickly figured out that the movie was gonna carry a very hefty price tag so they shelved it


Practical effects rule


That and the fact that he wanted it to be rated R, they were afraid of not making their money back. Until Deadpool came along, now it’s a possibility that the movie can be rated R and make some money, if done right at least.


Judge Dredd or more specifically 2000AD, it's ripe for adaption.


Netflix’s A Christmas Prince.


Barney, Teletubbies, Dragon Tales, Arthur, Caillou, the Berenstain Bears, Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat, and Thomas and Friends. They have their origin stories and then the PBS League where they have to fight Jay Jay the Jet Plane and his friends to bring back the heart of the universe, Mr. Rodgers.


The Dark Tower series, by Stephen King. All things should have served the beam.




and may you have twice the number


And may you have twice the number!


Don't hate me but is that the movie with Idris elba?


Lol, no hate. Yeah it is. It was a damn travesty.


Greek myths or Iliad and Odyssey Maybe Gilgamesh


Florida man!


- Shakespeare cinematic universe - Dragonlance/Forgotten realms cinematic universe - American war of southern treason cinematic universe anchored by the cast of Lincoln - US president election cinematic universe featuring a West Wing-style look at the campaigns of different US presidents with the same cast


Pornstar Cinematic Multiverse. Where each one of the pornstars can be friend, stepsis, stepdaughter, stepmom. Multiple variations coexisting in the shared plane.


Alternatively: johnny sins as a Loki analogue, each occupation he ever potrayed as a different variant of himself


The Riley Ried trio travel back in time with their BBC sidekick to save Christy Mack from War Machine.


Boom, you lookin for this?


Nice try, studio executive.


Sliders. It’s been 21 years since the show ended. The show started out with the technology to move randomly between dimensions, and by the end of the series the main characters had figured out how to slide at will, plus entire ships were able to travel across dimensions. The last episode ended with the hook for the upcoming final showdown in an interdimensional war. So now what? It’s a post-war universe where people now are aware of the existence of other worlds. They could easily follow a core group of characters who have in-universe reasons for solo storylines (“he’s in another dimension!”) and can team up for big features or cameo in each other’s films. There can be multiple stories spreading across several dimensions all affecting each other simultaneously. Just have Rembrant cameo in the first movie and continue from there.


Lol, the kids these days would just think you were ripping off *Rick and Morty*.


The elder scrolls oblivion needs a movie and remaster


The Incredibles


Incredibles 2 was an okay movie, but it felt more like an extended epilogue of Incredibles 1 than its own film. There was a lot of potential in its premise and it didn't quite stick the landing


Frozone needs a spinoff movie.














Hear me out Super Smash Bros


It matches pretty well with the "everyone has their own movies but then they all get together every few years" model that Marvel did.


Earlier today, I was thinking a Smash Bros. tabletop RPG would be interesting to make/play/try. A cinematic universe would be cool too! We’ve already got a Mario movie!


Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog give me hope


2001 AD, the comic series that Judge Dredd came from. Dredd is fantastic, but he's just the tip of the iceberg- the whole setting is nuts. That perfect blend of goofy over-the-top satire presented with a completely straight face. That era of British sci fi had such a wonderful trend of never winking at the audience- stuff like Dredd and early Warhammer 40k was satire through and through, but it played it completely straight even though it was so goofy, which makes it 10 times funnier. It would have to be directed by Paul Verhoeven though, so they need to hurry up and get started before he gets too old.


This little underground hit called Star Wars But seriously, I hope Transformers gets a second chance


Nintendo has some of the diversity of ip to make it work. crossovers would be... interesting but who doesn't love smash?


SCP Foundation. Not going to happen because of the license, but it would be awesome. Especially if someone like Blumhouse handled it. Someone who is good at complex psychological horror.


There is Cabin In The Woods






World War 2 movies from all the different perspectives, and it would be awesome seeing Thanos take out Adolf Hitler. Just wholesome family fun


Off the top of my head, multiple perspectives on the same WWII battle has happened a couple times. *Letters from Iwo Jima* and *Flags of our Fathers* (dir. Clint Eastwood) portray the Japanese and American sides of the Battle of Iwo Jima. *Tora! Tora! Tora!* showed both the Japanese and American sides of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, with each side's segments directed by someone from that country.


I always wondered... don't people find it odd that Hitler is never the main villain in any of the WW2 movies? It's always an SS or Gestapo officer... but Hitler is just like this mysterious figure in the background.


It makes sense because why would Hitler be the direct main villain that any size unit of troops are facing? They're directly fighting whoever is immediately in charge of the German troops


Because he's an incompetent idiot and his officers were doing all the heavy lifting. He was good at speeches but boy was he bad at war.


That's fair. But when someone asks you "who's the most evil person in history?", you will likely think of Hitler, not of Himmler or Goebbels (maybe Mengele).




Warhammer 40K


Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin Series. I'd trade all the Marvel movies for like 3 more Master and Commander movies. Supposedly getting a TV series. Fingers crossed it's good.


Avatar and the last Airbender


Hogwarts cinematic universe


If it were written by someone else at this point


California Raisins Cinematic Universe


Final Fantasy.


Up you go my friend


Buffy/Angel scooby doo Goosebumps


Percy Jackson.


Well a new Disney+ series is in the works so we'll see how that goes


Fingers crossed.




There’s one thing I don’t wanna say because I wanna be the one to do it. . Other than that I’d say Magic the Gathering. I used to read the free comics on the wizards of the coast website and they were incredibly entertaining. . Edit: it took me 2 seconds of scrolling down to see the thing I was talking about, which is SCP. The BEST thing about SCP is that ANYONE can make an SCP movie or any type of SCP media completely legally.