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At my work, we are working in a vaccine policy. I'mm in favour, but genuinely uncertaint how to do it without transgressing any laws or charter rights.


The Charter isn’t an issue for private employers, though. It would only be relevant if the government were to pass a law requiring vaccination.


Private businesses are just as impacted by the Charter as government. To be clear, this is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, not the constitution. There are also provincial human rights acts. NS has an "interesting" article making people with an "irrational fear of illness and desease" a protected class. Seems to me that someone might argue they don't want a vaccine because autism/cancer/microchips/whatever would be reason to force employees to accommodate to them.


That's not accurate. The Charter (which is part of the constitution) only applies to government actors. That's why (for example) your employer isn't required to respect your freedom of expression. Human rights legislation does apply to private actors, but it's not as rights-protective as the Charter. It prohibits discrimination on the basis of certain personal characteristics, such as disability and religion (but not conscience).


Good. These selfish people are holding everyone else back from enjoying life. The numbers are extremely clear and obvious, the vaccines work and our hospitals are becoming full again because some ignorant people won't take a vaccine... During a pandemic with millions dying despite lockdowns and extreme measures. If it was up to me unvaccinated people would be denied hospitalization for COVID. If they didn't believe in modern medicine or think COVID was a big deal they should stay home and look up treatments on YouTube and Facebook. They shouldn't go crying to doctors to treat them when they wouldn't listen to the advice to prevent it.


I am fully vaccinated and think everyone who can should get poked. With that said; allowing a future where your boss gets to make your healthcare decisions is concerning. Allowing them that power now will make it all that much harder to take that power away when they abuse it