The pumpum got to go

The pumpum got to go

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You really should make that sub though i can see it getting popular


/r/KidsAreFuckingEvil tho


Just explored it and very funny


I'd create the sub, but there's too many characters. So I guess r/kidsarefuckingevil will have to do.


Got to the puppy post… NOPE.


r/subsifellfor I really wanted it to be real


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God think about how horrible this could've gone if the mom was in the bathroom or shower when this happened


I have distinct early childhood memories of sitting in the bathroom while my mom showered. Now I know it’s not an oedipus complex…


Feels, I always took my niece in the bathroom with me while babysitting. Take your books and colour pencils, do some colouring while I shower


Maybe this explains the 15 minutes of being shackled to a steel pipe while mom showered....


Oedipus complex is still on the table for that one


That’s why you don’t leave toddlers unsupervised.


Or have scissors in toddler handgrabbing range


Tbf, most the time they just summon shit out of the aether. That's why the supervision part is important.


They will literally find anything in existence to use incorrectly in a dangerous manner. It's like r/shittysuperpowers


When I was three I cut off my cats whiskers 😔 my mom took me into the bathroom at all times after that…


Don't feel too bad, it could be worse. I can still remember when I was 4/5 and my mom said I could play with the new kitten after it's umbilical cord fell out. She meant when it got older. I thought she just meant it needed to have it taken out for play time. One ER ride with a traumatized kitten and boy later and everyone was okay. People really need to consider how they explain things to children, young brains just aren't the same.


Definitely shouldn’t leave a kid alone like that. The you take your kid with you in the shower. But I do have a feeling the kid was rambling about something when a scissor was being used by the mom and she asked to borrow it. Just the way the mom had started filming and was following the kid holding the scissors seems like the kid had tried to explain what she wanted to do. Very good reason to never leave your kid unattended.


Mom shouldn’t have left the child walk around with those. Those are some super fucking scissors she has, not normal kind. The kid could’ve tripped while walking to show mom what she wanted to do and ended up with those in her neck. Mom should’ve asked and followed the child while SHE (the mom) held the scissors.


I agree. She shouldn’t have them, that’s also irresponsible parenting. It’s all relative though. I’d say having your child walk what seemed like a few steps with scissors is a lot less bad than leaving them alone with them laying around. It’s overall just bad. Hopefully it thought the kid something she’ll remember


That dog should know to never turn his back to that little monster.


Maybe I’m just cynical, but this seems like a bit of a setup on mom’s part. Hand kid scissors, direct kid about cutting off the testicles, then start recording. Idk. Why else would she have been recording already?


Would be a bad mother then. Should never leave a child that young alone for any reason at all




Should she just like take the kid in the shower with her orrr ???


Yeah? Shower with the kid until they're able to not die for being alone for 10 mins Or cage them up while you shower It's better than the alternative


Considering what just almost happened, honestly, maybe? This kid is a time bomb


A better solution would be to just like not leave dangerous objects laying around


This too, I did wonder where the kid got the scissors.


Bob Barker’s daughter


This deserves so many more upvotes.


I love how frank she is with her child. "Those are the dogs testicles"


Good way to teach kids correctly


Totally agree.. Kids know when you're pateonizing them, but don't know exactly what patronizing is and the frustration caused by that has a myriad of terrible outcomes


That’s how you’re supposed to parent.




Better to learn from their own parents than to learn from the one bad kid at school.


That's how I teach my kid when he asked about his own testicles. No reason to sugar code.




Kinda has the same effect tbh


I watched it without the sound at first and thought she wanted to cut his tail off!


Lol almost reminds me of a time my uncle brought his daughter at my parents house. The kid was only used to seeing female cats, so when she seen a male cat she points at it and says “that cat has a butt problem” while pointing at the cats balls


It’s interesting, makes me realize the type of home I grew up in. My mom wouldn’t have named the body parts at all, probably said something like “that is part of his body, you would hurt him badly if you did that.” To hear someone say “balls” to such a young child was a little shocking for me lol. I think we grew up in more of a strict home, we couldn’t say “shut up” or “oh my god.” My parents were always professional and loving, and lead by the example they felt was most appropriate I guess. I’m really lucky.


Gotta love how the dog looked at her and walked off


Do not leave the kid and the dog alone or that dog is going to kill that kid.


Yep, or get mutilated


Getting attacked by an animal is the best way to learn to not fuck with animals. I'll never forget having a goose bite onto my finger and twisting it, or trying to pet a stray cat and it scratching the skin off my fingers. Of course the scenarios are preventable do that but it's a good way to learn, given you aren't mutilated beyond recovery


I think the best way to learn to not fuck with animals is seeing someone else get hurt but that's just me.


Nope. Its effective for me as well. Thankfully I am capable of learning from others mistakes. My stepfather and his brothers are not capable of that. I literally watch all three of them take turns giving themselves 3rd degree burns trying to pick up a muffler that fell off his motorcycle. The first time okay, might not have realized it was hot. My stepfather then immediately tries to pick it up too and burns the fuck out of his hand. What a Dumbass. Then their youngest brother immediately does the same thing. What the fuck is wrong with their gene pool?


Is it a memory you laugh at or feel dissapointed about?




Oh my


Be happy you're not blood 😅


I never respected how powerful dogs were until I saw two dogs fight eachother to the death because they had piece of shit owners. There was a lot of blood. And I gained two new phobias after that


What were the phobias?


Blood and dogs. Got over the phobia of dogs later on when I met a dopey ass rottweiler with 3 legs that my brother had. Still hate blood though


definitely. It took one GSD to nearly scratch my eye out to teach me to be respectful and wary of animals I don’t know. (for context I was 6 at the time)


Why are people liking this. The fuck. The dog would kill the girl.


it's a domesticated dog. I'd heavily doubt that would happen but you're right. No-one is saying she should do it. We're just saying if she did, she'd learn her lesson and never do it again which would decrease her chance of getting mutilated to death by a canine in the future.


>it's a domesticated dog No amount of domestication will make a dog stay still while you pinch it's balls with a pair of scissors, most **well** domesticared dogs will first go for a run, but if they cannot run they will bite.


>We're just saying if she did, she'd ~~learn her lesson and~~ never do it again Yes exactly, she would never do it again because she would be a Scooby snack by the end of that scenario


It's a very *effective* way to learn. I don't know about it being the best though.


Yup. It's not. People are being way too harsh on the kid. The child obviously isn't some sociopath intent on inflicting pain. She probably overheard her parents talking about getting the dog neutered and assumed you just snip them off. That's kid logic. It's not worth being attacked by a dog as "punishment" for naivety.


My dad had strict rules with or dog, no barking, no growling and no biting even to play. He made it clear that he was the master even when he loved our dog, like Love, but still he was strict with them. But one day I was messing with my dog, trying to play with her when she clearly was not in the mood and she wanted to nap, after 15 minutes of me messing around she snapped and mini-bited my nose, like « stop messing with me kid I’m not in the mood » . I looked at my dad waiting for him to get mad, but he was there looking at me and he say « she is a living being and you where being an ass, she has the right to punish you. Also she was clearly not in the mood, I’m not going to punish her because you where stupid » It stuck with me, like really hard. Don’t mess with animal if your not ready for them to mess with you


I became more cautious with wild and feral animals when I watched a documentary about rabies. Scary shit! Best way to learn!


Yeah... but, one small difference. A pit bull can rearrange a kids face lol they absolutely can maul kids beyond repair (not all of them! Just the ones that snap) idk if you've seen pictures but it's fucking b r u t a l


guys, i meant the dog could get mutilated if left alone with the kid...


Yeah. Psycho.


They both would tho, eye for an eye scenario lol


And the dog will be blamed for it.


Or the kid will really hurt the dog. Either way what a stupid parent


The parent was obviously right there asking why she has scissors and stopped her. Who are you to judge?


I’m Someone who’s not gonna look at my child having scissors, laugh , pull out my phone , press record , then act like I’m a good parent. But hey that’s just me.


Parent is stupid for taking the scissors away from the kids and telling them not to do that and explaining why?


Parent is stupid for keeping adult scissors within reach of a toddler/small child. Those weren't kid/safety scissors at all.


Oh so she jus happened to have her phone out ? First of all yes , scissors should not be placed kids can get them . Second , yes . Why the hell pull out your phone and start recording them take the scissors away?


Unless the kid is under 3yo s/he will find a way to get the scissors. My kid is 4yo and is capable of moving adult chairs (the ones that are bigger than her) and steping on the kitchen's marbel and open the cabinets. So unless the scissors are in a safe or something the kid will get it. You need to teach the kid, you can't say/think they won't get what they want. I agree on the phone part, wtf?


How come the parent is stupid? Do you think she should have been more firm about it? I kinda do I guess filming it and posting it, and leaving scissors out is what makes it stupid


Yes your last statement is how I feel


She didn't, she was right there.


Are you saying that cos the kid will try to cut the dogs balls off or because the dog is a pitbull?


¿Did you really need to ask that?


Im assuming its the “she’s gonna try to cut the dogs balls off and the dog is not gonna like it” but some people hate pitbulls with a burning passion and will comment “its gonna kill a child” on every post with a pitbull


>“she’s gonna try to cut the dogs balls off and the dog is not gonna like it” You got your answer. >some people hate pitbulls with a burning passion and will comment “its gonna kill a child” on every post with a pitbull Tell those people to try to twist any dog's balls and they will figure out that it's not about the race.


Exactly! A pitbulls not gonna instantly try to murder a child whenever it sees one! I’ve always said this whenever the topic came up and i get mass downvotes


That's where ur wrong. There r TONS of stories of pits killing kids, ppl, animals, anything unprovoked. Its their breed. We have bred the be aggressive. Unfortunately it is our fault as humans since we have made them this way. Still doesn't mean pits shouldnt be treated with extreme caution. They r weapons on the end of a leash just like a few other breeds out there cane Corso, etc. If u think it's all about how they r trained than u r sadly mistaken. Even the best trained pits who have had zero trauma happen to them in their life lash out and kill ppl. If Ceaser Milan, a world renowned dog trainer can't even keep his pitbull from being violent and mauling another dog than how the hell is the average joe going too.


It’s a good thing we don’t apply this logic to the human race.


Never met a mean pit that wasn’t raised to be mean. My (mixed) “pit” is so stupidly friendly I fear for him… he ran outside to see a dog the dog was trying to bite his face off and my dumbass dog sat there trying to lick him..


Lmao. Every pit ive ever met has been a sweetheart. They arent some bloodthirsty beasts. I know there have been cases of pits killing people or children, but you cannot say with certainty that they werent provoked or that they didnt have a traumatic upbringing that makes them aggressive. A lot of them are *trained* to be aggressive, and then get dumped and rehomed. In a lot of cases its not the animals fault. And when it is their fault, they can do the damage they can do because theyve been *bred that way*. A chihuahua coming at you with the same energy wont do anywhere near the damage. In short, the majority of the time, its a humans fault in some way.


Go read the numbers on fatal dog attacks. You might like pitbulls a lot but they have risks that are genetically implanted just like every breed. Its just that most breeds quirks arent to become vicious and murderous.


For even nice pit uve met there's 5 more who r violent. I could quote tons of statistics but I don't think it's worth it. U pit nutter r from a different world I swear.


So 5/6 pits are violent and would kill someone? Youre not going to quote statistics because none exist that support that statement 😂 Again, pits tend to be violent because they are often used as guard dogs, fighting dogs, or just abused. Tell me how many unabused pits that would kill a child unprovoked. You cannot tell me with a straight face that that is a high number.


I've had 3 in my adult life. I trained all 3, none of which have attacked anyone unprovoked. Stop blaming breeds and start blaming owners, and never ever under any circumstances do you leave a child alone with a dog regardless of breed. Also, cane Corsos are not inherently aggressive. They are trained guard dogs. Yeah, break into the house and they will hurt you, but under normal conditions they are chill. Edit: i need to add; if you cannot control your dog with verbal commands, they are not trained OR the owner sucks at training. Also, yes, some dogs are miswired from inbreeding. Those need to be euthanized.


Ceaser Milan is not someone you should look up to in regards to dog training. [Here's a whole page as why that is...](https://www.reddit.com/r/Dogtraining/wiki/cesarmillan)


I never liked him to begin with. I'm just staying if he can't control a pit than ur neighbor sure as he'll can't. They r a violent breed. Regardless of there upbringing. And it's our fault. But to pretend like there harmless is just ignorant. How many kids getting mauled to death is it gonna take for ppl to finally realize just how dangers this breed is??


Race wtf


Sorry, there's no "breed" in spanish, it's just "raza" for every kind of animal, humans and dogs included.




Right, dying has always made an excellent teacher


I confirm. When I was young I did some stupid shit, then I died, since then I learned to not be stupid to not die again.


Found the edge lord 👆


Fucking cringe


Are you mentally challenged




Hope you don't have any children, with that hatefulness in your heart pal.


Likely still a child themselves


I think most likely the dog gets a poke and whimpers and the kid recognizes the noise and stops. Dog realizes it was an accident. Kids are not precise with scissors, that’s like several months of kindergarten practicing, so she ain’t getting a steady strong snip off.


Imagine if the mother didnt see her walking to the dog with scizzors until after the kid cut them off


Not sure she would’ve gotten that far!


And the dog would probably attack the kid.


There’s no z


Hey, the kids logic is perfect. "You said you were gonna cut them off". The kid heard that, and because the only cutting she knows and understands is cutting things with scissors, she wants to help and offers to do it herself. Good thing mum caught her, and hopefully got across that scissors are only for paper, not fido's nutsack.


That’s a disaster waiting to happen


Yeah but not with scissors lol


Little girl was like "Fine ill do it myself"


Sheesh these comments. “This child is psychotic!” “Omg they’re raising a psychopath!” It’s more likely she learned about how the doggies balls get snipped at the vet by an older sibling or something. Kids are curious and don’t know much about consequences at that age, she likely can’t even understand what testicles are or that removing them would cause the dog pain. Yes it’s a damn good thing the mom caught her before something awful happened, and she shouldn’t have scissors at that age, but good grief she’s a child, not Hannibal Lector in rainbow pajamas.


That dog would never recover from that amount of trauma lol


You’re raising a psychopath


Or a veterinarian


Veterinarian just looks so wrong to me, it’s looks like an attempt to spell it correctly but instead mashing your keyboard too fast and jumbling up all the letters at the end


Like Wednesday


Wed, Ness, Day Wens day Now i'm not a math major But this shit does NOT add up.


Lmao guess I’m a pessimist


Not really. The kid clearly heard from an adult that they were going to cut the pumpums off, so as any reasonable child would do, they grabbed scissors lol


when I was small I used to throw rocks at cats after getting scratched for trying to pet one. Then I met a nice cat and stopped ever since. Kids probably just stupid like I was


How many people have you murdered so far?


Nah this is different, you had a bad experience and your instincts told you cats are evil. It looks like this kid just wanted to see what happens


fair enough, but kids are naturally curious. Probably didn't think about how the animal would be hurt in the process, more like "Part of dog tail looks different, wonder what happens if I cut it off"


That’s sociopathic behavior my guy


And harming animals as kids is a pretty common trait in murderers.


It's pretty fucking stupid to assume because a kid wanted to use scissors on a dog's tail because she doesn't know any better is a murder. There are a shit ton more kids who hurt dogs accidentally or purposely and grow up to be normal functioning adults without phycopathic or socialpathic tendencies then murders. Correlation not causation.


Depends on the age of the kid. This girl looks to be 2-3, they don't understand concepts like that. The behavior you're talking about is alarming in children, not toddlers. When my little sister was 2 she threw our cat down the stairs (cat was fine, and little sister didn't get to hold her anymore), they just don't have a concept of the actual consequences of actions like that. My sister is fine, and definitely doesn't have antisocial personality disorder. But if she had been 7, then it would be alarming and require therapy.


a kid doesn't understand emotions much yet, this is a great teaching moment to teach her that animals have feelings and can get hurt. Sociopathic is when you know the animal will get hurt but you don't care because you value your own amusement over their well being. Kid doesn't have that line of thinking yet




Everyone saying this kid is psychotic, needs counseling, etc. is waaay off base. By listening to the conversation, the parent here was clearly talking about getting the dogs testicles cut off and the child was trying to be helpful. It’s a teachable moment. The kid wants to help her family take care of their dog, she isn’t trying to be malicious. Another thing to remember here is that the mom is recording this interaction from start to finish… do you think she is just recording her entire life and cut this part out to share or is it more probable that, just like ever other stupid tik tok, she set up the scenario to record and get responses to her post. Ya’ll are using less brains than this toddler.


Right? Like it’s a kid that wasn’t seemingly being malicious like everyone thinks, more matter of fact like “hey I’m helping, right?”


Had to scroll way too far down for this. The girl clearly says “but you said you were going to cut them off” and then the mom is like “yeah but not with scissors”. Not sure what kind of parent casually discusses their intent of cutting the dogs balls off in front of their child and then is like oh why is she doing that?


Probably talks about getting the dog fixed, and when the kid asked what it meant they said that the balls get cut off. Reasonable explanation. Couldn't if for seen the kid trying to do it herself


Pom poms 😀😃😄😁 Wait until she actually bumps into a naked daddy or topless mumny


Fun fact: “pumpum” means vagina in Jamaican Patois.


Pretty sure dad would instinctively knee her in the face, no regrets lolll coming up, all scissors, on a naked person... nightmare fuel


Whenever you read about dogs who ‘suddenly go berserk’ with ‘no warning’ before mauling one of the kids…


She has the right idea though. Spay/neuter your pets people. It’s not that hard.


From the conversation (kid says "you said they're gonna come off" and mom said "yeah but not with scissors"), sounded like they're gonna get the dog neutered and the kid knows this but misunderstood it as "oh we just cut them off."




Not that hard, but it’s not DIY.


I very much 100% agree with you. Just saying some animals still "show the sack" even when they're neutered. BUT that's obviously not the case in this vid. But yeah, absolutely always spay/neuter your pets.


Why would they need to do that?


Because it’s the responsible thing to do. The pet population is out of control in the US. But you knew that and are probably teeing up some sort of gotcha or something. I’m waiting.


That child would have seen god in a blink of an eye


I hope mom went on to explain better.


“Fine… I’ll do it myself”- Thanos


I cut all my cat’s whiskers off when I was an infant, with toenail clippers. Such a nice cat to put up with that shit without clawing my eyes out.


And there are some people that claim it's perfectly ok to leave infants alone with dogs. Smh.


Jesus people, the mom or whosever she is was watching her the whole time, which is what you do with kids this age, so you can ask why they have scissors and tell them to stop. Nothing wrong with anything that happened here.


Why the FUCK does that child have access to scissors like that!! JFC this could have been traumatic if she hadn't have been caught!!! This isn't funny!


Its funny because nothing happened. But in the alternate reality she cuts them off, this wouldnt be posted on reddit it would be on the news


The parents are stupid. Why aren't the scissors put away?


This. Sister has a child and its always a struggle but necessary to keep small/big dangerous things away because he will try to interact with them. Leaving sharp scissors in the grasp of a child means that house is not child proof. Which can lead to her getting to actually go for a cut and potentially a worse situation. These things happen way more often than people think, you cant take any chances even for a second


Just another reason I'm happy we didn't have children.




having kids is extremely overrated.


Amateur veterinarian...


I just had a ducking anxiety attack when I saw the scissor near the tail.




That could’ve ended BAD for a lot of reasons


A future veterinarian.


you're going to be waiting until they get married to show off that one


What if the mom wasn't around and the kid just decides to do it herself


"Summer, where are my testicles?"


For those unaware - there are follow up videos! In this one the kid knew the balls were going to be cut off and was like ‘cool I’ll do it myself’. In the next ones the mother is explaining/asking her questions about the vet and if she knows what a vet is etc., and then another one where she explains surgery and that that’s the procedure the dog will have done. The daughter was pretty knowledgeable on all of these concepts but just hadn’t connected the dots between cut this off, vet, and professional surgery


Before I was born my mother told me a story about the dog they had at the time and the neighbour kid. There was a small hole in the fence that separated our gardens, so the dog put its head through the fence and neighbour kid tried to share his snack with the dog but the dog took the whole thing instead of just a bite. The neighbours kids mother could hear shouting from out the garden and saw her son had hold of a saw trying to cut the dogs head off to get his snack back. Luckily the saw was too big for him to handle properly and the dog squirming made it more difficult for him.


Not stupid. She was told they were going to be cut off so she offered. It would be different if she wanted to cut them off because she thought they didn’t belong.


Lock that animal in a cage. The dog needs to be protected.


I am now forever referring to men’s balls as Pom poms. Thank you!!!!


It would have ended up another news story of a dog mauling a child without the complete story


This is why dogs bite kids and then get blamed for it ha


Kid is right, get your dog fixed.


So I work in dog rescue. People with kids between 2 and 5 always desperately apply for the puppies. Those people can fuck off. I don’t care how “gentle” your toddler is, they aren’t going near any baby puppies that I’m responsible for. Either apply for a dog big enough to defend itself from your demon spawn or wait until your kids are old enough to be capable of sympathy


Reddits kid hate is always a little weird to witness.


So that is why dogs maul kids


So we’re giving sharp objects to our children in order to make social media content now? Excellent parenting 👍🏻


That's fucking terrifying. This is not proper parenting, don't fucking post this shit online, remove all fucking scissors and knives from your fucking child's reach and don't leave her alone with the fucking dog. Holy shit this is so scary.


I feel bad for her future partner already 😀


That child is far too stupid and proactive to be allowed anywhere near sharp things.


firstly i do not think this is a case for kids are fucking stupid, this child is not old enough to understand her actions. i think this was a poorly explained situation and one in which a toddler should not have even been aware of . this is poor parenting.


Pit bull mix ??? If so that would of been game over for that kid


Someone needs to keep that kid away from any animal, or other kids!


That kid is beyond stupid. Never, ever leave her alone with an animal. And you may want to consider counseling


>That kid is beyond stupid Because her parents said the dog was having his balls cut off and she took it literally, like kids do? If all you tell a child is something is going to get/needs to be cut off, they aren't going to go "oh, yeah. They'll take the dog to the vet where it will undergo anesthesia and they will surgically remove them." No. They'll thing scissors or a knife is involved and that you do it yourself because they are a goddamn KID. If you think this wasn't 100% staged, to borrow your words, you're beyond stupid.


How to know you are raising a sadist.


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


Maybe don’t have a conversation with your 5 year old about cutting off your dogs testicles. Or let your kid have scissors for a quick trending video…


Some shitty parenting to let her have access to those.


this made me hate children so much


Frigging stupid kid. Better get that kid fixed so it can't multiply.