Anyone out there interested in talking and gaming.

Anyone out there interested in talking and gaming.


I would if I was younger. I am 30, have played Pokemon since before you were born, and doubt you want to play with someone significantly older.


30 myself and have played since I was what 8 or 9. If youre ever down to play or talk pokemon with a fellow older head then cool. This goes for anyone as well however Im not a competitive trainer so Im not going put up much of a challenge if anyone is


I'm not a competitive trainer either. I can trade on Pokemon Home only. Feel free to PM me your friend codes for Switch and Home Mobile. I don't think my internet connection on switch works for PvP battles, unfortunately.


I’m 17 don’t remember what age I started playing but my first game was red you can shoot a message


Let em think it’s weird, they probably like it or have liked it at some point, hiding what I like because it wasn’t seen as “cool” took up enough of my life 🤷‍♂️ I’m 20 and I’ve been playing since I can remember. Currently trying to complete my sword Pokédex because I didn’t get a switch till pretty late 😅 need about 15 more atm so I’m on my grind


Thanks man good luck with the Pokédex