Take all your evidence to the residential tenancy branch. All your emails and photos and dates the exterminator came. They’ll be able to help you. Landlords (and their property managers by proxy) are legally obligated to do everything they can to get rid of rodents. Also keep contacting the higher ups at the property management company. Yours likely exploded on you because he got reamed out by his boss. Keep the pressure up and yours just might get fired. That is such a shitty situation, OP.


Thank you for the reply, I think we will try that.


Even if you are moving, for the sake of the next people who are going to have to move in, make as much of a stink with the RTB as you can. People have to know that they can’t get away with this shit.


That's what I was thinking, I don't want anyone else to go through what we just had to.


Continuing communicating to their head office and following up is your best course of action when dealing with a neglectful landlord. Head office would hate seeing this go to a tribunal or governing body. Try to wait and see how it manages by going through their head office and continue following up with your complaint of the landlords neglect of his job. If it is the actions of only one individual, it wouldnt be fair to smear the company if they were unaware of the problem employee and not given the chance to rectify it. I am sorry for what you and your loved one must be going through and can only imagine how frustrating it must be for you. I certainly hope they end up ultimately replacing your landlord as they sound like a piece of poop that can not handle accountability.


Thank you, I hope that could be the case. Regardless of whether or not we're moving, the property needs a better manager and I hope he'll be replaced.




I feel about a year ago there was someone else on here talking about having rats and their landlord not doing anything.....I wonder if their solution was to move and their problem became your problem.


I wouldn't be surprised haha. This is not the only problem we have had with our landlord being negligent. I doubt we are the first ones who have had issues with him.


I have dealt with rats in two situations. They will continue to reproduce and live in your place until the exits to the outside are blocked off. Once that is done they panic and will eventually leave. This is of course assuming they don't create a new hole


Past experience shows me that moving out may be the only way to get away from the rats. That may or may not be feasible for you but you’re probably in for a long fight and these situations often don’t seem to get resolved.


Rats once they move into a building are very difficult to get out because they are super smart and figure out and avoid traps very easily. The only way to get them out of a home is to seal every single hole you find super well and get a ratting cat. They won't stay where a predator is or if they dont have multiple exits to get in and out of. I'm glad you guys are moving, because there is almost nothing you can do that you have not already done, besides take all your evidence to the residential tenancy board and plead your case. At the very least they owe you some of your rent back for not be able to store food in your home due to pests. That's going to be your best bet to resolve it and possibly get reimbursed some of your rent money for an unlivable suite. Rat infestation is an unlivable condition because of the danger wild rats present to humans and other animals by passing on leptospirosa through their urine and saliva. That's why if rats have been at your food you shouldn't eat it!


Thank you, that helps a lot. I will try that, and hope for the best. Funny thing is I have a cat but he's scared of the rats. He hides from them.


Lol I don't blame him. Cats that will hunt rats are some of the bravest and scrappiest. You have seen in your home I'm sure just how big Norwegian common wild rats can get, and they are fast! Their teeth are crazy sharp and their claws can be too. Another thing you can try is citronella oil around the door they come under, they hate the smell and it's toxic to rats. Sound repellant devices can work too sometimes if the frequency is right. Problem with those being if you can hear them too they will drive you insane lol! We had a giant black panther of a house cat that was an incredible hunter. He caught and ate a ton of rats and mice! Sadly that was what killed him. Some idiot put poisoned food out to kill the rats a few doors down. Poison is slow acting, so our cat caught a rat and died because of it. It's why poison traps are a no go for any kind of pest, the secondary kill factor is super high no matter what the packaging says because predation is animal nature and if you poison the food chain it goes from the bottom up.


I used to have an insane ninja hunter of a cat when I lived closer to the country. If only I still had that cat around haha. Yeah, some of the rats here are massive. I caught one practically as big as my head. I had to beat it to death with a frying pan.


I've seen some I would classify as small rabbits around the waterfront downtown at night! It sucks that more landlords don't do their job and keep houses sealed up to keep them out. I don't mind rats in the compost bin, but not inside my house! (With the exception of my two pets rats lol! They are not feral wild creatures carrying disease, they are pedigreed fancy rats!)


Go to the tenancy board like yesterday, you may be able to get a stay at a hotel at your landlord s expense until you find a new place, there is no way you should be in that place let alone living there.


RTB for sure. Or train the rats to attack the landlord.


I would definitely want to know what’s in that storage closet. Most locks actually are garbage and are easily picked. Watch YouTube channel “The LockPickingLawyer” if you want to see just how bad most locks are. Is there a dead body in there? Drugs? It has to be something weird if he gets mad and won’t open it. Seems like a touchy subject.


To be honest, that was something I was worried about. I have already been in the closet, unscrewed the bolt that was screwed into the door. Nothing malicious inside, just a bunch of household junk, but about a metric tons of rat droppings. Took pictures of all of it.


I have wonder what's in there that is attracting all the rats. Why is he so reluctant to open it and why is it on the lease agreement? This has spiked my curiousity and my spooky senses. Keep us updated, OP.


Okay, update: after putting on the pressure, the property manager agreed to getting the door open and just opened it today. He was reluctant because he just didn't believe me that there was an issue and didn't want to spend money on pest control. But he sent in a contractor to cut the lock since they didn't have a key, and all the stuff was moved out. Old household junk. Abandoned shelves, paint cans, boxes of fabric and just general trash. Now all completely damaged by rat urine, feces, and everything chewed up to make nests. They are in the ceiling and pulling the insulation out for nesting. More rat droppings than I've ever seen on the floor. Absolutely horrendous smell. All of the stuff was moved outside and is just sitting in the driveway because nobody wanted to spend the money to put it into storage. The pest control company has been scheduled to come in a couple days to try to deal with the situation. And then I guess all the rat-pissy stuff is just going back in there. It should all be thrown away. Sorry, nothing spooky. Just a disgusting health hazard.


What is the consequence for opening the door yourself? If pest control can be there, open the door, clear out the rats, (take pictures of bodies hidden in room /s), close door back up and never say anything about it. The manager will be happy to never hear about it again, you will be happy the rats are gone.


Burn the place down and make it look like faulty wiring. Pull the rats out halfway through if you need a snack.


"I don't believe he has any actual intention to open the door. I can not open the door myself, as written in our lease." If you are moving anyway, open the door...


I did that a while back. Bunch of the house owner's old household junk and lots and lots of rat droppings. I took pictures of all of it but wasn't sure what to do with the pics because I don't want to get us kicked out for breaking the lease.


but the landlord broke the lease by not dealing with the pest problem so you'd just be even then


Keep the pictures as evidence in case the landlord comes after you when you leave with any unwarranted complaints about you, or withholds your safety deposit. Hope it all turns out well.


I'd personally stop paying rent until the issue is resolved. Tell the landlord that is what you are doing, and you'll get your rent when the problem is solved. It is really, really hard to evict people and far easier to just call an exterminator and have the issue properly dealt with . If the landlord refuses, you save a bit on rent and look for a new place. If the landlord agrees you get the problem solved. If the landlord tries to evict you it'll take endless months to do that, which gives you time to look for a new place and not be paying them in the meantime. Also, Contact the RTB immediately with your emails and evidence.


I would have stopped paying rent at the first rat droppings, fuck that, let him take you to arbitration and then drop all the info on them.


Our downstairs tenants texted once saying they came home and found rat droppings inside and food in their cupboards chewed up. I had an exterminator there *the same day*. Luckily it was apparently just one animal that for in when they left a door ajar, so it was easy to deal with but Jesus as a landlord I did not want a rat problem to get out of hand because you are looking at serious damage to your unit.


Make a bucket trap with a large garbage can as rats jump higher than mice do. And if u are feeling sporty u can brush up on ur target skills and take them out with a pellet rifle.


A snake may be a solution: https://boingboing.net/2021/07/02/snake-put-in-wall-to-scare-out-all-the-rats.html


Pet Cobras for everyone!


Slide rat poison under the door and the. Stuff up the crack with steel wool and then towels etc. Landlord will have a fun time when they get back and the management company will have some splainin to do.


A past landlord tried to control rats with poison and I can say, don't do this. Bastard rat died in a 1" gap between the furnace and wall. The smell of dead rat haunts my soul. I almost tore open a wall to get at it but it was easier to tape off the room for a month. Electric traps baited with peanut butter where the rats are entering the suite are a better option.


Shoot them with a pellet gun


Is this a basement ? You likely can only recover funds but in the future on your hunt for a new rental I would look for newer/newly renovated places which are usually sealed better from the elements. Victoria has many houses with poor insulation, weatherproofing and heating. A lot of people fall in love with the “character” but become befallen to the inconveniences. You likely won’t help future tenants in this market he will just clean up visible signs of rat droppings and continue renting it. Very bizarre that they aren’t taking action to protect their property


I recommend taking matters into your own hands, It's not hard to trap rats, and that's the only thing that has ever worked for me. Poison is not great; if one eats the poison and dies inside a wall, you won't like it. It will stink for two to three months. Poisoned rats also get eaten, and then poison other animals, including pets, birds, and other wildlife. Pest control firms usually rely on poison, because traps require monitoring and work. Get the classic Victor rat traps. Bait them with peanut butter, and wrap the peanut butter with a strip of cheese cloth. The little bastards can get good about licking the peanut butter off, and the cheese cloth usually catches them. I mix some bread crumbs or corn meal into the peanut butter to stiffen it up as well. Put the traps along walls and edges, bait side towards the edge, trap perpendicular to the edge. Use several traps, and move them around. You may have to kill a bunch, but you -can- trap them down to negligible levels. I had to do this at my girlfriends house this year. I got five quickly, then the next two came slowly, now they seem to have gone.


I have been. Using lots of traps, but only caught a few with them. Now they just know to avoid them.