Nekomaru is an underrated king(whole sdr2 spoilers)

Nekomaru is an underrated king(whole sdr2 spoilers)


He is conventionally attractive, but agreed. Nekomaru is totally under appreciated


The thing is, i think because he's buff the fandom just ignore him, same deal with Sakura but to a lesser extent, it just doesn't make sense that someone so well written and cool just gets barely ever talked about, buff team daddy is best boi


sakura is well known cause of a ship and >!her more memorable death and betrayal!< unlike nekomaru which is totally unfair since nekomaru sort of just helped the entire cast live & everything you just mentioned (no hate to sakura btw, shes one of my favorites in the 1st game)


People need to put some respect one Nekomaru’s name. The man is a genuine good guy. I like the furry as much as the next guy (he’s one of my favorites) but let’s appreciate Nekomaru. ~~all put some respect on him, He’s good looking.~~


Oh him and Gundham are the most attractive guys of the second game for me personally, and he's such a nice person, easily one of the nicest in the series, he's up there with Chihiro for me


Gee ch4 how come do you get to reveal Gundham is both jacked and canonically high iq


I definitely agree, poor man rarely gets much attention into his character and even then, it’s glossed over. I blame the writers for this tbh >!chapter 3 and 4 just brushed his death under the rug and even played it for comedy too :(!<


I feel 2-4 had the same issue as 2-2 tbh, the victim in that case had an equally sad story to tell as the killer but weren't given nearly as much focus and thus the fanbase talk about it far less, Nekomaru and>!Mahiru!


>!I feel like Mahiru has been receiving quite a lot of recognition in this sub as she occasionally gets the appreciation post and I do see her flair every once In a while, but as a whole she doesn’t get much outside of the haha she is a feminist, I’m glad she is at least respected by quite a few here, her FTE’s are quite heartbreaking too with her alcoholic fatter and how she got into photography!< Nidai barely gets anything from the sub or anywhere as a whole, I think I’m the only active person who has this flair. I just hope it changes eventually.


>!Yeah as a Mahiru simp, Nekomaru is the most underrated out of the two for sure and probably in the series, like no one ever talks about how he became a team manager because his heart condition and wanting to honour a friend, that is so sweet, both i feel personify my type of character, kind, sweet but not a pushover either. Its a shame they were killed by a fan favorite that does not help people appreciate just how both noble yet tragic their fate were. Funnily enough in 2-3s daily life if you talk to Nekomaru one day outside the hotel he talks about how nice Mahiru's photo's were and that she taught him the beauty of art and they have a super cute event in UTDP.!<


I love Nekomaru as well, definitely my third favorite character, but another thing that needs to be mentioned is that he's the only character to be \*completely\* out of the game for a whole chapter. Imagine how much more development or interactions we could've had if he was there, maybe people would like him more if that was the case. :C


Yeah he gets as much trial time as Peko Ibuki and Hiyoko, and less than Mikan despite living two chapters more than the former and a chapter more than the latter three so that really didn't help him




I keep saying it, but I'll say it as many times as it takes. Nekomaru has such an unyielding force of personality that he could easily become another Ultimate Hope.


Yoo, I agree dude! Nekomaru has always been one of the most positive and hopeful characters in the series. That’s one of the biggest drawing points to him being one of my favorites. There is no reason to dislike him. I would be best bros with him.


nekomaru is one of my favorite dr2 boys, alongside fuyuhiko and kazuichi


Nekomaru is honestly one of my favorite Danganronpa characters 💙


There is also his relationship with Akane which is great, underrated characters stick together


This guy is pretty popular on Something Awful Forums last time I checked (1st place where you can see Danganronpa 2 translated in English), but yeah he is really underrated elsewhere. The dude took a hit to save the person he managed and wasn't a coward when he was ready to face Gundham in FunHouse and motivates people around and is really optimistic. On bright side at least barely anyone dislikes him.


Yeah thats better than being underrated in the same way as Hiyoko, him Twogami Sonia and Mahiru are like the holy quartet of being loveable, selfless, badass and yet overlooked. But I've loved him from day one, and just the very fact that in his final free time event he says he wants to manage the whole class is so sweet. Oh and he's very wise as well, he talks to Hajime about the beauty of Mahiru's pictures after her death and talks about how Peko would be saddened by Fuyuhiko's seppuku attempt.


Buff gang


Yeah Nekomaru is cool


He will always be best boy!!


Nekomaru is awesome. The strenght to, despite in illness, stand strong in his beliefs and mental attitude and truly live each day for the sake of helping others achieve their peak potential, with the satisfaction of seeing that happen being the only thing he wishes in return. Not to mention his respect for the wishes of others, as even when he sees potential in someone to achieve something great in the field of sports he never forces them to go into, and instead accepts what that person wants for themselves and even sometimes just wishes to learn whatever that person is instead pursuing. He's just a highly motivated guy who wants nothing but the best for others, and while not a social butterfly and sometimes being a bit awkward at keeping secrets or reading the room, he always just wants to try and get smiles out of people. While non canon, his scenes with Gonta in Talent development plan mode just showcase him perfectly, a great assessor of one's talent and prowess, a supportive guy and someone that even if he hasn't acquired a new "student" to help improve won't just discard them to the side and ignore them, and instead will seize the opportunity to learn what the other person loves. He was ultimately screwed by >!lack of development and time, as well as not being a waifu or bishi boy cause let's face it if he was a girl or less stylized he would be far more well liked, but mostly just being screwed by the writing making a joke out of him in chapter 4 after already making him a near non factor in 3 aside from his sacrifice which is sometimes forgotten by people somehow. Unless one pursues his FTs, you can't get much of who he is in the story besides loveable big person #2, as he isn't much focused at all!<.


wtf they talking about nekomaru being conventionally unattractive, nagito some skinny kid and everyone makes seem like he’s some hot god, while nekomaru is ultimately attractive, depending whether you prefer muscles or not


Nekomaru is tied with ironically enough Gundham for hottest guy in the series, his smile alone gets him there


Nekomaru is so good


And then they all say Gonta and Sakura are underrated 🤨 Gonta has his own fan game and is really liked And Sakura is loved and appreciated by 99% of the fandom and is involved with one of the most popular ships in the fandom Nekomaru has nothing and is better than both of them ( in my opinion ) #Nekomaru is bestboy


Nekomaru is best dad.


Him, Fuyuhiko and Gundham are my faves from DR2 he's criminally underrated.


I love him and >!still sad he was only in 2 trials!<


Plus he has a huge d-


How could people forget the Chad Nekomaru,who I shall remind you is voiced by the guy who is DIO BRANDO! Man's a living embodiment of a JoJo reference


Why is Nekomaru the only buff character that almost nobody talks about


A true king! Probably the most selfless hero in the series!


I saw someone say the other day that Nekomaru is the worst character across all of the games and I had to laugh


Finally, someone is putting some respect on my boi! Nekomaru deserves way more love than what he gets.


Isn't the buff nice guy the exact definition of conventionally attractive for men? That's basically like the curvy waspish body is for women.


In terms of this fandom, I personally think he looks amazing though


On average women seem to prefer athletic and lean to buff.


Big bro


Nekomaru is one of my favorites, sure not my top favorite but he’s done so much for the sdr2 people, also I just like his personality and want him to adopt me bc my real dad sucks


The man is a king


I knew he was the fucking GOAT when he did that whole speak louder line again after the second class trial that shit just got to me in the heart outta nowhere.


That's all correct. I still don't really care about him though. I will admit he was horribly used but he still does nothing for me. I feel the samr way about Kirumi and Hiyoko. I admit they got shafted but i still don't like them that much.