I mean how often do you hear any community actual praise anything if their current game it’s pretty rare


Street Fighter, MK when their game was still getting content, hell even most TF2 fans still show love for the game despite bots and no content.


MK community is awful for the most part, people literally threatened to kill a baby named after a charcter they didn't like. And the community manager was terrible at this position and communication/transparency was so miniscule it practically didn't happen. Cant speak on the other communities mentioned


Yeah I was going to say as I can’t speak for the other two but the mk community was extremely toxic during the prime of mk11 with constant fighting about mileena, the outfits in the game and the whole stuff about if sexy costumes should or shouldn’t be a part of the game and so much more


The people who enjoy the game just play it. They don’t go out of their way to praise it. On the other hand people who hate it just want to be heard and have others validate them. So you only see hate on subreddits like these. There are still folks out there who love it.


I think your right that most people taking time to write are negative most of the time (in any game, industry, etc) But damn seeing so much negativity on dbd from their community is crazy. I even watch some youtuber and they seem to play everyday but still complain and make their fellow follower complain. I rly dont get it.


Watch OTZ Darva for the most pleasant DBD experience of your life. He still gets mad but he’s only human. At least that’s what the CDC wants you to believe.


Lolll ive been watching him a bit but i watch mostly truetalent. But damm that guys is negative as *** lol


I had to stop watching true for that exact reason. I couldn’t handle every video being negative or being about him telling people how they are wrong or randomly dogging on Oracle every video. Very negative. OTZ is a saint.


Will second this. Otz is the best. Goes out of his way to not be toxic, great at explaining things. Seems like a really great dude.


Ill give it another try thx for the tips. With true its mostly complaining and like he will to the same (depending on the role lol)


Have you ever watched Granny?! Does she still stream DBD? She got me into the game!


Nope ill check it out lol


Shes still there I randomly stumbled across her for the first time 2 nights ago.


think truetalent is bad you should see space coconut (he quit dbd recently but holy shit was he negative as hell)


He was just a cynical asshole lol, plus he has some of the worst takes I've ever seen in a gaming community


When the game bullshits me over and over (lag, mean people, glitches, etc.) it upsets me. Then I come here writing a post to express that pain and I make sure not to attack anyone while doing it, stating why the game has upset me. You're right, it is for validation. Validating that it's bull and I'm within reason for being upset. Then I feel better (more mean people come out of the woodwork usually). And in terms of the game I think there is a lot that could be worked on; but I don't to come here listing everything ok think need a changed everyday. I try to like the game when I can though. It's just... Kinda hard sometimes? I've seen a lot more negative things and those far outweigh the positives I've seen. To me bhvr is just another game company, and like Activision and ea, I don't like them. I don't think any of that's unreasonable. I guess what I'm trying to say is, yay, we have different opinions.


Oooor people who loved the game, but are unhappy with its current state, are vocal because they want the devs to hear them and make changes.


This ^


Usually if you actually hate a game. You just don’t play it.


That’s what normal people do yes.


That’s not remotely true. People who enjoy games do come out and praise it and are more likely the ones to blindly defend their favorite game. And the ones to complain like the game but have issues with part of the game. I don’t enjoy fortnite so I don’t go on their subreddit. The Dota players who hate league rarely go to the league sub to complain about league. We had people making the same remarks in BFA for WoW as OP, and the actual answer was, a bunch of people love WoW and it’s setting but hated what Blizzard was doing and wanted it to improve. (Which they didn’t.)


This went way over your head. Who said anything about other people from other games coming in to complain? That was literally never said but thanks for writing a full page on the wrong topic. WOW and League had to be the worst fucking example you could ever bring to this argument. You know who hates league the most and are stupidly vocal about it? Yeah league players. Crazy


What I said went over YOUR head. It actually went so far over your head you ended up agreeing with me.


Oh well. I haven’t the got the time or effort to read into this further so let’s just agree that I’m right and your wrong. At least that’s what I’ll be doing.


How about you just stop talking all together, since you don’t seem to have the capability to not be a dick to people.


Lmao please you came in with the fucking salt, I just don’t want to argue with a child that like to type.


Your the only one who came in with salt, you got pissed that someone disagreed with you. Also the only one acting like a child is you, seeing as how you have an inability to act civil.


Jesus Christ. Your right I’m so mad at your weak opinion. You got me all figured smart guy. Anything else you wanna say while we are here. This is has been nothing but a waste of my time.


So you just normally act like a dick to people then? Either way your breaking rule 1 of the subreddit.


> On the other hand people who hate it just want to be heard and have others validate them. Imagine spewing this kind of shit while in the exact same breath riding on OP's coattails for validation. Never let it be said that this sub has an abundance of self-awareness.


It's counterjerking. It has gotten really popular on this subredddit lately. Apparently if you criticize BHVR for all the shit they do, you must hate this game, so now people are trying to validate each other for "loving this game". I don't know if I just started noticing them more but there are so many brain gymnasts here currently who will try to invalidate anybody criticizing this game or BHVR, currently. If you are civil and voice legit criticisms you still get decried to "hate" this game and get told to "stop crying about it".


Who hurt you little baby back bitch?


It's one of the reasons why I had to unfollow Jaee on twitter he just kept shitting on dbd it's like well without dbd where would your twitch and YouTube channel be.


I love this game and how it’s improved. I’ve only ever had one issue with the “controversies” that have ever come about and they are over one specific dev and their comments as opposed to anything else. I’ve played on and off since release on console but pretty solidly for the past year and a bit. The game has taken huge steps towards balance which we’re previously never there. I think it’s a great example of a good game concept which has continually tried to address balance, graphically improve and expand for the better. This game is amazing because it’s so different from many in what is becoming an asymmetrical genre, but it’s also what can cause a lot of hate and toxicity. If you were dominated by another team in a battle royale game, it would be very easy just to just realise that luck and positioning wasn’t on your side and the opponent played better than yourself. In DbD it becomes this personal thing of “how dare you play like that/use those perks/that killer or whatever”. There’s very very few genuine complaints to have about the way someone played other than bug abuse or hacking yet still everyone seems to feel so entitled. You don’t have to like the way that they played but accepting that it’s not wrong to play in a particular way is important. So yes. Love the game, the community can be a lot at times.


So we had a similar experience with dbd. When it was forst release it was really a unique type asymetrical video game and no one cant beat it atm. I 100% agree with you that the community can be a lot sometimes. For me, except the community, the only thing I hate is that on console we dont have the chat after the game. Haha


I prefer it. I’d rather play and move on than have some bitter child screaming about how much I supposedly suck


What dev are you talking about? Is it almo and his horrible balancing even though he's the head of balancing?


With no genuine offence intended, I'm not going to discuss who as it was only one comment that bothered me as it concerned me (not specifically). Not necessarily a fair reflection of them as a person. ​ Regarding balance though, this game is continually growing and changing. The balancing won't ever be perfect in my opinion, just something that continually needs to be tweaked and worked on in order to keep it as up to date as possible.


none taken!


And it was then that a beautiful friendship was formed. One that would last the ages.


I have enjoyed this game for 4 years now and it's been one of my top games in terms of how many hours I have played it. Just the issues with the game and community I have taken breaks. Currently on one now and they last a month or two and then I come back.


Yes I had those moment of break. I think its normal. But which issues make you take a break ? On the community portion, I totally agree that it get hard sometimes.


Just the hitbox issues and not sure if this is a game thing or a community thing but seeing the same five or six perks on every killer and every survivor really isn't fun for me. I like running fun little synergy builds like being the healer or being the Gen jockey. (There have been a couple others but it is way early where I live and I'm in the middle of a 26 hour shift so my brain is not at full capacity for this)


I agree that most survivor/killer play always same perk. But thats due to the commynity that insult you when you lose but tried to try something different


I feel like it's easier to get away with playing survivor. I've had great synergy of non-meta perks and carried my team and I've also had that it did absolutely little to nothing. Killer it's either run the best or get bullied. (Another issue is balancing. I get how difficult it would be to balance all killers and all killers perks and all survivor perks so they all see equal play time and it happens with a lot of games where you get the meta play style or The Meta build. Also I know there is a randomness to the map and spawn locations that make it more enjoyable and you can't balance that)


I love the game, but I highly disagree with the way the balance it around “StAtS” instead of player experience.


Its hard for them cause with stats they try to balance. But i get what u mean


Their stats destroyed Billy, of which the vast majority considered the most balanced killer in the game.


Billy was bit op in the early days. But its a fact they balanced him the wrong way and in the early days survivor didnt have all those meta perks


The game just isn't being updated to where it should be given how popular the game is now. Old, outdated perks are still old and outdated, boring gameplay styles haven't been addressed and are lazily waved as "legitimate strategies" as if that makes it okay that they're not fun to play or face, any issue is slapped with a bandaid perk so any criticism is just resolved with "uhhh just use this perk duh". It's just lazy and tiresome design. People who don't have issues with the game are typically people who play casually (which is not a bad thing obviously) or don't have enough hours to fully grasp the issues of the game yet. Not all, just what I've anecdotally noticed. I appreciate and love the things they do give care to. I love the map designs and redesigns, I love the survivor redesigns. I love the cosmetics. I love the sound design. But these are all superficial and don't tackle the core problems of the game.


Ive played quite a lot and i still do. I dont play necessarily to win but to rank and have fun. Its a hard game to balance and cant be perfect but i rly think there is too much negativity around dbd


Honestly as a newer player who only started playing at the beginning of October thanks to the sale I say I love this game despite its annoying flaws and all. The only thing that has and still annoys is as a killer main is the tired old age of tunneling and camping debate. Which is why I highly recommend to any new player then off the end game chat and you will have way better experience


It's fun but already finding it repetitive after only playing it for about 10 days. They need to establish different objectives on different maps.. change it up a bit. I'm a solo player on Ps4. I like to think I don't do all the negative shit people bitch about but some of the lingo here I'm not totally up to date on. I main killer with Huntress and survivor with Meg, Fing or David. I honestly don't care if I escape or not. If someone's hanging I try to usually go get them even if I die. And as a killer I just try to hook everyone and play as the game was intended. I split my time based on queue times. Rather just play than sit and wait


Game is repetitive but changing perks/killer help a lot. But everygame r repetitive anyways no?


Yea I have been mixing up my killers a bit and what not. You're not wrong about all games having some repetiveness to it. Some worse than others. I play a lot of open world story types.


Open world help. But as soon as its online anytype of game is repetitive even open world. Usualy grinding ur character


Honestly I think the people who hate and complain about the game are the ones who love it the most. They just want to see it doing the best they can and when they see that there are problems they want to try and get that fixed.


The hate on this game is literally insane someone was literally mad at me for having the same outfit as them


Toxic 😤


I loved the game, up until October 2020. Since then, the balance and game quality has taken a nosedive. Maps have gotten worse, performance has gotten worse, meta perks have gotten more annoying, bugs have become more prevalent and more severe and hackers are everywhere. The problem is that BHVR have more or less given up on balance. The head of the live balance team spends more time playing Rocket League than DBD and even Mathieu Cote has said, in an interview with The King and Paulie Esther, that the team considers it impossible to properly balance DBD at this point. So the game has become an utter mess.


Exactly. It went from pretty imbalanced to insanely imbalanced over time. Then they add MMR and it just made things worse. The fact that they consider this game 4 separate 1v1s should tell you what you need to know. I said it before. If I could get a refund on all the money I spent on this game I would. I would never look back.


Preach. It isn't any one thing which has suddenly made the game unenjoyable, but the gradual addition of several things. First it's the utter refusal to nerf Exhaustion perks to an acceptable level (despite DH being as frequently used as old Ruin). Then it's A Realm Beyond making most maps horrible to play on. Then it's the MMR making it so most matches, as a good Killer, are sweaty as hell. Then the CoH-fueled fast healing meta pushes the game over the edge.


Lots of people love and enjoy this game, it’s very popular. MANY gaming communities are like this. The people who bitch and moan are a vocal minority who make it feel like it’s bad. It’s also okay to dislike aspects and still like the game. You can hate the BP grind, but still love DBD


All the porn related communities are still really positive


True fcking story haha


I loved the games state around last year's Christmas. Gave me some fun times. I absolutely hate how it has become.


So what happened since that you really dont like ? Please give me some details.


The community. Especially killer. You rarely find killers that dont tunnel instantly or camp at the first glance losing. I switched to killer cause its far more fun. I dont mind tbags or flashlight clicks but i do mind being taken out if the game in 2 min or spending 4 yeafs pressing m1. The other things are rather minor. Cause i dont mind bugs if the game is fun.


I don’t understand why people get so emotional over “tbags” and “clicking”. Just faced an entire squad doing this and i ended up with a 4K and i didn’t even bother to troll at the end. I hooked everyone and ended the game quickly and properly, got my points, and moved on.


I dont mind tbags or flashlight clicks since they dont waste my time. I do mind laying on ground for 4 minutes tho


The killer has no choice because if he does not do that they rush all 5 gens in 5 minutes. Such is the state of the game.


I began playing the game about a month ago and known it for more years. I don’t know all the changes, past killer/survivors nerf and so but I do enjoy the game playing both actually. I fun it really interesting and fun, even if sometimes people dc or camp. But it is part of the experience so, it’s really not a big deal. I wish more players could be less critical about some things and enjoy the gameplay, maybe when you already knew before what it was like, it’s less likely to happen ? However, it’s still a great game and does not end up like Anthem where the company stopped working on it. I guess Behaviour is working hard on this one and we can’t take this out :)


Bad game happen in every multiplayer game. Behaviour trying at least and i love it especialy than u can win for free for ever


I really love this game. It's just inherently frustrating by design.


I’ve been playing this game since 2016, and I love it now more than ever. I’ve taken significant breaks over the years (mostly because I used to mostly play survivor with friends, so when they took a break, I took a break), but over the past year and half/two years, I’ve gotten way more into the game and playing both sides equally. It’s rare for me to put more than like 100 hours into a game. I have nearly 900 hours in DbD now, and over 300 of those came from the last two years. I think balance wise, the game is unarguably in the best state its ever been in. Have there been some unnecessary/bad changes to balance? Yes, but all multiplayer games experience that. I won’t deny that there are a lot of bugs, and the issues on consoles have been bad this past year. I can only hope those things will improve over time, but they honestly don’t bother me as much as they seem to bother others.


I have the same mindset as youm thanks for sharing


Maybe it's because I've only been playing for 2 months, but I think the game is awesome, even with the bugs.. It is one of a kind, and scratches a very particular itch. I honestly hate seeing all the negativity, even if some of it is warranted.


Its rly one of a kind and ive been playing since console release !


1. Toxicity yes I know everyone has different definitions but it’s not funny when you get flashlight spammed and t bagged after getting pallet stunned and at the exit gate. This goes for both sides but I rarely face toxic killers 2. Balance I don’t like how many second chances perks are in the game. Also so many perks are garbage but will probably never be updated 3. Behavior can’t release updates without breaking the game it’s ridiculous. During the resident evil update the game was almost literally unplayable That’s my top 3 reasons i would explain deeper but I don’t want to write too much


Are all you people new or something ? Since day one it's been a cry fest. Just play the game how and when you like and ignore everyone else


I love to hate this game


Hahha nice one


Listen I used to love this game and I still like it but just all the issues plaguing the community and game just turn me off. I haven’t played DBD in a while.


It happened to me. But i always come back after watching some stream


I really enjoy even if I'm not great at it. Sure it gets frustrating with certain perks used against you but what're you gonna do?


DBD is a strange one for me. DBD is the only game where, winning or losing I end up getting mad. The only game that I get so toxic that I quit matches. I've been playing league for 9 years, went through overwatch ranked and got hardstuck in plat II on Apex, but I never tilted as hard as getting hit off a hook without BT. Almost broke a controller once.  I get really negative about dbd because of the time that has already passed in the game's lifecycle. We are five years in and we still need perks to avoid certain toxic playstyles on both sides. This should have been addressed long before. I don't feel the energy to make a post, or make a thread on the forums because if in 5 years this is still the state of the game, I probably won't be playing when these things eventually get fixed. It is really hard to be positive. For context I've been playing since april. Maybe I'm just too spoiled by other gaming companies that have faster responses to toxic metas.


Depending on your rank i dont always get tunneling/facecamping killer. But i get more often annoying swf survivor. Still game rly evolved in the last 5 yrs. If u started in april check some perks back in the days how crwzy they were


It’s the only game in the world where Michael Myers can chase Steve Harrington and Claire Redfield around Freddy Kruegers school. It’s the Super Smash Bros of horror. Honestly, from a gameplay perspective, it’s never been in a better place, and it’s only getting better. A ton of balance has been put through over the last few years and there doesn’t seem to be any reason to doubt it’s going to keep coming. For me, the only thing that makes the game less enjoyable than it should be are inconsiderate/toxic players. And you find those in every game, but in a game where it’s one sides goal to make the other side feel powerless, those attitudes are amplified


I feel you. The game is getting better and improving and yes community is trash sometimes. Problem is i see lot of ppl complaining about how the game is evolving. What im starting to realise is there a lot of ppl qho complain but r still new to this game


I think they did a pretty good job so far


People typically don't come to forums when they're pleased and happy. They come to bitch


yeah, this game is great to be honest. been following it since before it came out in 2016 and it's improved so very much. I only got it in mid 2019, but even then it's already changed so very much for the better.


I absolutely love this game but there are legitimate criticisms for it. The current state of playing killer is an absolute mess, especially at high mmr, I either have to sweat and try hard and play super dirty to stand a chance or be running a solely meta build. Most games where I try to have fun(which I do succeed at) are lost with maybe 4-6 hooks, I don’t have to win to have fun but sometimes it feels like I’m choosing one or the other


High mmr killer is really a sweat. But i dont mind i do a build i want to try or a killer i want to play. Sometimes it just get me when they teabag n abuse like it was a tournament. But damn thats dbd haha


This guy got lobotomized by BHVR.... First this game full load cost like 150€ and it has session pass and shop with overpriced cosmetics Gratz on you free copy for ps5. Pretty sure they just switch fps limit from 30 to 60 and we're done. The main problem here: BHVR the most incompetent gaming company I have ever seen. Shitty servers No optimization Game "coded" in Blueprint. DC penalties when game keep crashing Over boosted survivors Server sided hit validation "Skilled" based mmr SWF And almo head of balancing team


1. Game is 40$. There no need to buy any survivor/killer unless the one you cant buy with iridescent and you want the perk. Cosmectic, who tf cares about it ? 2.graphic r way better on ps5 than ps4. Game was optimised but what ever still nice. 3.server got improve so much since release. Its not perfect but dbd doesnt generate the same income lvl as like fortnite,cod, bf or any big name game I agree with dc penalty sucks when its due to bug but what ever. Dbd is a great game and i rly believe its one in a kind vs all the other bullshit we have.


I enjoy the game but I don't actually think its very good. Its maybe OK at best. And I mean you cant just give them a free pass for all the massive amount of bugs and design problems that have come about in the game, as its one of the buggiest games in the history of gaming. And while they aren't owned by a triple company, they have developed games for triple A companies so for all intents and purposes they should be compared with triple A or at the very least double A developers. And yes a fair mount of negativity comes from the community, but remember the community is usually negative about things and mechanics that are in the game which bhvr developed and put in the game.


Maybe its not perfect but still the game is almost unique in its genre and one in the first in its genre also !


Because game bad give upvote


Each chapter is broken when its they release it, they pump all the franchises they possibly can with stupid skins and ugly 3d models , the game is extremely unhealthy (Mean players, broken mechanics, glitches and bugs, infinite loading screen, consoles are barely able to keep up (xbox one,ps4), the events are jokes and not fun and in 5 years theyve never fixed the game only adding more broken content. Those are the reason that after buying all chapter and playing daily for 4 years I uninstalled it this game is a money pit for the players


Well I mean when you do nothing but fail over and over again like BHVR has you lose hope. Literally every update the game gets worse somehow. And on top of their other scummy side shit they do business wise. They deserve all they hate they get.


Please explain to me why you find game got worse since release ?