The difference between the xr and the 11 is almost nonexistent.

The difference between the xr and the 11 is almost nonexistent.


My wife has an 11 and I have an XR. I compare them often and I agree 100%




definitely agree do not “upgrade” your XR to an 11, however purchase the 11 over an XR if u got the money. I bought my sis an XR and gifted my old XR to my dad, it’s a great phone regardless


I bought used Xr with 93% battery but a little rattling bottom speaker. First iPhone, great experience. Camera is just okay. It takes good photos consistently. My Mi8 took either incredible HDR photos on Google Camera processing or terrible mushy blurred photos.


if you have a 2 year old XR you are not supposed to go for the 11 lol. At least get something 2 years after the XR if you've had it for 2 years. It wasn't even worth the upgrade when the 11 came out, it's not gonna be worth it now. I will have had my XR for 2 years in october, i will get the 13, but the lowest i should go is the 12.


Yea thats the point of the post lol. I pretty much had to get a new phone and that was the cheapest option that wasnt a downgrade so…


I'm choosing between XR and 11, coming from Android. 😳 Any battery life difference?


If ur going to buy cash then def go for the XR. But if its offered with ur carrier i got my 11 for like 10 dollars a month.


Is battery life just the same?


Yes, obviously my XR was on 89% battery health so I noticed a slight increase but I remember when my XR was brand new it would last just as much as this 11.


Exact same except the camera on11 is better,I used the same cases on both sold the 11,gave my hubs the XR and bought an XS Max cuz I wanted a bigger screen


Try comparing iPhone 12 and 12 pro Everything is the same except an extra camera


This is the post we all need to see my friend. I have the XR and my friend has got the 11 and says it’s so much better but I’ve done my fair share of comparing the two and watched many videos doing the same (in much more detail) I’m happy I’m paying £20-£30 less a month for the XR. 😂


Oh I’m not changing my XR any time soon. Got a new one through AC+ after two years, had the new one for a year, and I can see myself going for one, two more years easily. LED with lower resolution coupled with huge battery is the best thing Apple did for me.


yea, when i bought the XR used/refurb two months ago it was 339 and the 11 was 559 both were 128gb.. I'm glad i chose to save the 220 dollars. I will hold onto to the XR until I can get a 12 used for around 500 in a year or so. Only thing I hate about it is the Intel modem giving it crappier reception then my old 8+ with the qualcomm.


My mum has the XR & she loves it. She chose it over the 11 because she doesn’t use the camera


The 11 and XR are good value if found on sale. But I was honestly wait for a newer phone because all LEDs are so worth it personally I would never go back to an XR or an 11. But I have switched to Android and really believe that iPhones need to get high refresh rate it's so amazing




then why are you in this sub?


Both are trash and this is coming from an iPhone 11 user