You can choose 5 Radiohead songs to preserve for all time. The rest will be destroyed and never heard again ever, because of reasons. What 5 do you preserve for humanity?

You can choose 5 Radiohead songs to preserve for all time. The rest will be destroyed and never heard again ever, because of reasons. What 5 do you preserve for humanity?


Separator, Weird fishes, There there, Subterranean homesick alien, Morning bell


Woah this is exactly my list! (maybe with morning bell swapped for idioteque)


Which version of morning bell?


Kid a version of course


Lotus flower, idioteque, jigsaw falling into place, paranoid Android, How to disappear completely


Shit. I forgot idioteque. This is an impossible exercise. Also struggled with the idea of living in a world without creep.


Man, this is hard. 1. Life in a Glasshouse - This one got me through such a difficult time in my life, and while it’s a total step away from Radiohead’s actual sound, this piece is a vital work of their’s that I couldn’t live without. 2. Daydreaming - AMSP is severely underrated, and while Identikit is probably my favorite, Daydreaming is arguably the best track on this record in my opinion. It gives me a feeling I can’t put into words. 3. We Suck Young Blood - The piano fall in this song is just filled with so much raw emotion, and I think the song is just timeless. 4. Optimistic - Probably my favorite Kid A song, and it’s one that’s heavily inspired countless daydreams and ideas for writing. 5. In Limbo - I can’t have just Optimistic, both tracks are sealed as one in my mind, they work so well together, and so if I choose one, I must also choose the other.


Dark side


This is really hard. My picks: Planet Telex Airbag Everything in its Right Place Subterranean Homesick Alien Separator


Reckoner No Surprises Wolf at the Door The Tourist All I Need Ending it with All I Need because I haven’t heard a song in my life that I love more. Plus ending it on All I Need shows that these 5 songs are All I Need to keep going.


Pyramid Song There There All I Need Arpeggi How to Disappear Completely


HTDC, Jigsaw, Paranoid Android, Bodysnatchers, The National Anthem I think all of these just bring such unique sounds that everyone can find something to enjoy.


Separator, ful stop, weird fishes, house of cards, idioteque


Ha like the separator pick a lot.


This is really painful but... How to Disappear Completely, Tinker Tailor, Life in a Glasshouse, Paranoid Android, and Reckoner. (I'll probably change my mind the moment I post this.)


Gonna pick one song per album: 1. “How to Disappear Completely” 2. “Let Down” 3. “Fake Plastic Trees” 4. “Reckoner” 5. “Daydreaming”


Spinning plates (live), How to Disapear Completely, Exit Music for a Film, Reckoner, and Just.


Creep Creep Creep Creep Creep


1. Pop is dead 2. Pop is dead 3. Pop is dead 4. Pop is dead 5. Creep




none, the knowledge of dozens of lost tracks would haunt the listeners of the five I chose for all time.


Everything in its right place. Paranoid Android. Daydreaming. Pyramid Song. Nude.


Reckoner How To Disappear Completely There There Pyramid Song The Tourist Honorable mention: Give Up the Ghost


There,There. Let Down. pyramid song. Electioneering, weird fishes


Pop Is Dead Just Morning Bell (Kid A) Lotus Flower True Love Waits (AMSP)


Paranoid Android Idioteque Pyramid Song Nude Bloom


Karma Police How To Disappear Completely Idioteque Pyramid Song House Of Cards


Reckoner Present Tense Weird Fishes Paranoid Android Let Down


Motion Picture Soundtrack Reckoner Let Down Idioteque Everything In It’s Right Place


My choices: 1. Videotape 2. Paranoid Android 3. Idioteque 4. Daydreaming 5. Planet Telex


How to Disappear Completely Let Down Videotape A Wolf At the Door Daydreaming


Idioteque Fake Plastic Trees Paranoid Android Reckoner Daydreaming


"All I Need", "WIEAYB", "I Might Be Wrong", "Black Star", and "Optimistic"


There there Paranoid android 2+2=5 I might be wrong You and whose army


htdc, videotape, no surprises, eiirp, true love waits


Weird Fishes, Lucky, How to Disappear Completely, Present Tense, True Love Waits


Paranoid Android - Weird Fishes Arpeggi - Piramyd Song - Let Down - True Love Waits (amsp)


So, some data from everyone's choices so far. The consensus list right now is: 1. Paranoid Android 2. How to disappear completely 3. Reckoner 4. Idioteque And a 3 way tie for fifth place: Daydreaming, Pyramid Song, Weird Fishes / Arpeggi Albums, listed by what % of their songs were selected by at least one person: 1. In Rainbows and Kid A both had 80% of their songs picked by at least one person. Faust Arp and 15 Step were the only songs off of IR not picked by anyone, and for Kid A it was Treefingers and Kid A 2. OKC - 75% 3. TKOL and AMSP, 50% 4. Amnesiac, 40% 5. HTTT 36% 6. The Bends, 25% 7. PH 8% (one song chosen, Pop Is Dead) I'll keep updating this info as more posts come in


Weird Fishes, Nude, HTDC, Bloom, Decks Dark


Just, Exit Music, Fake plastic trees, Everything in it’s right place and (makes a great ring tone) Myxomatosis.


Lewis (mistreated)


Man of War, Videotape, Reckoner, Nude, Weird Fishes


I bet I can guess what your favorite album is


How to disappear completely, let down, reckoner, nude, fake plastic trees.


Weird fishes, worrywort, corpse pose, creep, yellow


climbing up the walls, knives out, separator, 15 step, and there there


Only 5?, wow ok I will try: Pyramid Song Man of War Sail to the Moon Paranoid Android Jigsaw Falling Into Place


Kid A Weird fishes/Arpeggi [nice dream] The Tourist Pyramid song


Weird Fishes Paranoid Android How to Disappear Completely Daydreaming Street Spirit


1. Everything in its right place 2. The national anthem 3. How to disappear completely 4. Idioteque 5. Motion picture soundtrack Basically turns Kid A into an EP if played in that order. I stuck to just Kid A songs because I love how everything on that album fits together.


No Surprises Karma Police Jigsaw Falling Into Place Just Paranoid Android


1. How To Disappear Completely 2. Nude 3. Burn The Witch 4. Let Down 5. Paranoid Android This was a lot harder than I thought it would be but those are definitely the ones.


How To Disappear Completely Reckoner Videotape The Tourist No Surprises Now I need to forget I made this or I will just come back and edit it constantly. Edit: Shit, I forgot about Knives Out. Don't have the heart to knock anything off the list thk. Edit: And also Wolf At The Door.


How to Disappear Completely Everything In Its Right Place Motion Picture Soundtrack The National Anthem If I add the first two plus the last two I get five, so that's it


Daydreaming Paranoid Android How to Disappear Completely Weird Fishes EIIRP All mainly for personal enjoyment, not really based on anything else :)


Weird fishes, jigsaw, 15 step, lotus flower, there there, street spirit


creep, how to disappear completely, true love waits, no surprises, i can't my list changes a lot but these are just the ones i'm really enjoying atm


Climbing up a bloody great hill Coke Babies Inside my head Molasses Melatonin


Creep, fake plastic trees, everything in its right place, life in a glasshouse, like spinning plates (live)


(nice dream) weird fishes / arpeggi blow out my iron lung exit music (for a film)


Tough choosing between I Will and The Gloaming but I Will hits me more emotionally. ​ Bloom The Numbers I Will Kid A We Suck Young Blood